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  2. How to spend

How to spend

We offer various types of rooms

I will introduce a typical way to spend

  • 1. Check In

    • Open front desk

      Received from Check in 16:00 at Front 2F.
  • 2. To the room

    • Stylish capsule room

      With a TV in each room, it is a comfortable space with fine quality and cleanliness.Private cabins and twin types are also available.

      No-smoking room
      Each floor shower room·A lavatory·toilet·Locker room available
      Supplies:Arrive in the room·A comb·A shave·toothbrush
      Shower room with shampoo, rinse and body soap
  • 3. Please spend comfortably in various facilities.

    • In a facility kept clean

      We have a shower room that you can use for 24 hours and a coin launderette on each floor.
  • Four. Breakfast buffet

    • Energetic day is from breakfast!

      We have various kinds of breakfasts.
      Please enjoy relaxing convinced morning time.
      7:30 to 9:30 in the morning